I’m not sure how many of you know that my family were Polish Jews. We lost cousins, aunts, uncles to the Nazi camps. Nearly all died, some lived to tell about it. Their stories never went away. They were told and re-told so that none of us would forget how easily and quickly evil moves in and takes over a person, a nation.

Image result for polish jewsThe stories were always similar: good people, kind people, neighbors, families laughed and joked and respected each other’s differences of opinion, turned their heads while part of their populace was marched down the streets to the waiting trains, turned their heads while their country warred,  rotted and died before their eyes.

They said, “It’s just politics.”
They said, “Don’t worry. You’re taking it all too seriously.”
They said “Disagreement and opposing ideas are good for the country.”
…and they said and they said and they said while Hitler and his gunsels turned their lives, their nation, inside out and took them and their neighbors to the death camps.

donald trump is doing what a cockroach does, what an asp does, what a monster does.

This government–trump and his minions–has gone way beyond politics or ideals or clashes in philosophy.

It is no longer what the trumproach does, what the asp does, what the monster does, it is about what WE do and What WE are.

Those who voted for this administration (and I have to believe, or die of a broken heart, that there are some good, kind, giving, caring people out there who did) have got to stand up and admit that they were wrong, that they were duped, that what they thought politically and philosophically was a far cry from what trump is and what he is doing to what is still their country.

Image result for NAZI Rally

The gaping fissures which have developed between families and family members and friends can be healed, but only if those who supported the ongoing evil we see in front of us will step away from it and declare their mistake and their willingness to fight what they see is going on. Loud, proud, and repeatedly…

Those who are fighting trump’s march toward Nazism need to know that their friends and families do not support this regime. They need to know that this was NOT what their friends and families thought would happen and that those same friends and families are withdrawing their support of evil and vowing to fight it.  Ego, pride must be put aside to save our country.

There is great courage in saying, I did not see the evil then when I cast my vote for trump. I do see it now. I want this creature who sits contentedly in the White House through my support to be gone and his policies and cronies and devastating actions which are bringing down my country to be gone for good.

No one will fault you or say, “I told you so.

I cannot, and will not withdraw my love or my belief in the people I have loved and known for more years than I can count. I believe in those from whom I have received love and kindness and generosity. I believe that you are good and honest and that you care when you see evil around you. I have seen you protect your children from it. I have seen you help those who need your help. I will not believe that you will let this horror continue without stepping forward. I beg you to step forward and denounce what you have to know is wrong, evil, dangerous–without justification, without explanation–just denounce it and keep denouncing it until it is erased. This is not about politics. It is about who we are/what we are.



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