Things I do NOT regret:

Getting a BUNCH of wild, beautiful tattoos

Falling madly in love with and pledging my life to a younger man

Dyeing my hair

Wearing lots of makeup

Discovering flavored vodka

Wearing a two-piece swimsuit

Giving in to chocolate

Saying “No” when i felt like it, “Yes” when I felt like it,
“Yes” when it was somewhat unwise

Reading my favorite books over and over again

Lying to avoid hurting someone

Calling my boss a “Posturing Chowderhead” to his face.

Experimenting a little with sex, drugs, rock and roll

Moving around to live in different places

Engaging in a teeny bit of prostitution:  once to get what I wanted (though I didn’t get it),
once to get what I needed (I got it.)

Quitting a job in righteous indignation.  FABULOUS feeling.

Eating frosting out of the little “frosting tub”

My divorce

Telling my loved ones I love them–LOTS

Wearing clothes that are “too young” for me

to be continued…