Some quotes from reviews of Martina Reisz Newberry’s poetry:

“…Taking their cue from the seasons and popular songs, the poems sizzle as well as lament…These bittersweet poems mine new territory. These poems light the way.”
– Alexis Rhone Fancher

“…these poems are worth a careful read, with heart, mind, and memory open tothe pain that life deals us, and a ready  recognition that none of us are alone in our struggles.”
 – Jim Lewis

“Newberry accepts and celebrates our willingness to accept the ever-changing, daily bibles that come to us–“new things to be and do and bow to.”
 – Red Hen Press
“”Newberry uses plain, beautiful language to pry open the profound, to describe the stammer and palsy of love; to introduce us to her city, to the way LA’s yellowish sky / holds a face  like famine…One poem claims, I saved nothing, but in this brave, tender book, Martina Reisz Newberry ministers to our pulled muscle of the soul and saves us, again and again.”
– Francesca Bell
Newberry embodies a compelling story telling style reminiscent of Robert Frost, the enigmatic brilliance of Emily Dickinson and the working class insights of John Prine.”
 – Saul Landau
“I am plain bowled over by Newberry’s poems…for the pure strength of their language and the surprises, light and dark, that they unroll.”
 –Josephine Humphries 
“Newberry is an artist touched by brilliance, and her gifts simply refuse to be denied. Poets, they say, are either born or made. Newberry is both.”
– Gerald Locklin
“Newberry is a poet of spiritual surprise, a poet of transcending images pulled from a very real, contemporary, attentive woman’s life.”
 – John Balaban